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Mountain Nyala

Ethiopia Nyala wildlife

It is only found in the Bale Mountains. Nyala are a magnificent sight, particularly the old bulls with their fine spiraled horns. Females do not have horns and they have rather long necks and large ears, which are very conspicuous.


Ethiopia Red Fox Wildlife

Also known as Simian Jackal, Abyssinian Wolf, or red jackal, endemic to Ethiopia, confined to mountain plateau between 3000 and 4500 meters high. Fairly common in the Bale mountain and become rare in Semien. Also found in other small areas between the two parks where there are not too many people.


Ethiopia Walia Ibex wildlife

Semien mountain national park is the home of the agile Walia Ibex, the symbol of the Ethiopian wildlife conservation organization.


Ethiopia Gelada Baboon wildlife

It is also known as Chilada baboon or the Bleeding Heart, one of the endemic mammals to Ethiopia. It is common to see a flock of baboon in the Simien Mountains. Found only in Ethiopia

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