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Lake & Falls

Bahir Dar: Lake Tana and The Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Bahir Dar is a modern town on the southern end of Lake Tana - the fount of the legendary Blue Nile River. The island monasteries of the lake are the timeless worlds for the Orthodox monks and nuns. From Bahir Dar one can sail by a motor boat to the islands with their renowned churches and monasteries. However, the papyrus boats of ancient design are the main form of marine transport for the local people.

Blue Nile

Drive some 32km south east and discover for yourself the mighty Blue Nile Falls. Plunging down some 150 ft. deep chasm, the falls break into a thundering cataract of foaming white water raising a cloud of mist- named by the local people as '' Tis Isat'' - 'Smoking Fire'. When in full flood, it is some 400ms wide.

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